A scientist’s self-motivation

How long do the flames of ambition

Once stoked by a blue ribbon, an exciting summer class

Follow you in everything you do?

As a 23-year-old

Is it the letters of praise from graduate programs — MIT, Stanford, Harvard

That push you to enter what may be

The most difficult, rewarding 6 years of your life?

Or is it

That celebratory ice cream with Dad

After acing the SAT as a thirteen-year-old

That look on you classmates’ faces

As you explain special relativity

Without really knowing what physics is

That feeling that Oklahoma has a problem

And you have to escape, to do more

To be more.

Is it that, that feeling of awe and bewilderment toward nature

That follows you even today

Making you restless




You need truth. (where are my goggles?)

Atypical Physicist.

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